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AGV Industry intend to solve the needs of most expectant Client through experience and training of our teams. Our highly experienced Engineers ensure local presence in short reaction time all over the world.

  • Cleaning Services for Wind Tower and Wind Farm
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical and Mechanical Works
  • O&M
  • Surveying Services to Support the Wind Farm Construction
  • Quality Services
  • Retrofis
  • Rope Access
  • Rotor Blade Inspections
  • Site Management
  • Support for Assembly Teams
  • Tower Inpections, Repair, Coating and Paint
  • Tightening bolts
  • Receiving Inspections and Discharges


AGV Industry intend to solve the needs of most expectant Client through experience and training of our teams. Our highly experienced Engineers ensure local presence in short reaction time all over the world.

  • Commissioning
  • Support Assembly Teams
  • Electrical and Mechanical Works
  • O&M
  • Site Management
  • Quality Services
  • Rotor Blade Inspections
  • Tower Inpections, Repair, Coating and Paint.
  • Cleaning Services for Wind Tower
  • Rope Access
  • Retrofiting
  • Tightening bolts
  • Receiving Inspections and Discharges

Rope Access

Due to unusual works is necessary access to inaccessible places where almost the only way to reach this areas is by rope. This solution presents itself as practical, safe economical and noninvasive.

  • ONSHORE – Rope Access for Inspection, Repair, Paint, Coating and Clean
  • OFFSHORE - Rope Access for Inspection, Repair, Paint, Coating and Clean
  • Exterior Building Services


Our highly skilled engineers ensure local presence with prompt response to service:

  • Quality Audit:
    • Assembly Processes
    • O&M Processes
    • Electrical and Mechanical works Processes
  • Quality Final Works Inpections
  • Quality Inspections to Ensure:
    • Correct operation, wear and tear of all the components
    • Conformity with Client's Requirements
  • Management, Reporting and Consultancy Services


For techno-economic reasons and safety issues, the losses caused by corrosion entail high costs of repair or replacement. Therefore it’s essential to ensure that all equipment is always clean and protected. Our highly skilled technicians ensure local presence with prompt response to service:

  • Interior/Exterior Tower Clean
  • Nacelle Interior/Exterior Clean
  • Windfarm Clean
  • Rotor Blades Clean
  • Tower Repair, Coating, and Paint

Construction Services

By the importance of everything being in the right place and with the correct position, AGV Industry provides Ordnance Survey services for:

  • Construction Works
  • Windtower Vertical Position

Meteo Masts

For any type of intervention or replacement of equipment our highly qualified technicians ensure a local presence with prompt response to service:


Engineering Solutions

By high requirements and integrity of the projects to develop, our highly qualified engineers ensure a prompt response:

  • Support Projects and Electrical Works
  • Support Projects and Mechanical Works
  • Advice and Consultancy Services for Electromechanical Projects
  • Support for the Development, Validation and Monitoring of Electromechanical Prototypes

Project Management

Agreeing to and providing advice on the management of project objectives, representing the client's and organization's interests, organising various professionals working on a project, carrying out risk assessment, making sure all the quality standards of the project are met, using IT systems to keep track of people and progress, to ensure guidelines are maintained and overseeing the accounting costs and billing.

Site Management

Prepare sites prior to the commencement of construction work (to set out the site and organise facilities), plan projects and ensure that they meet agreed specifications, budgets and timescales, oversee building work, supervising contracted staff, meeting subcontractors, making safety inspections and ensuring construction and site safety, checking and preparing site reports, maintaining quality control procedures.


We have technical teams able to develop logistical and administrative works.
Our supervisors monitor the work on site and report daily activity through daily report.

  •        Tower Paint Supervision
  •         Erection work’s Supervision

Installation of wind turbines

Which leads us to be different in this area is that we meet the needs and perspectives of each customer and adapt our strategy to the needs and commitments of each one.

We, also have, "tool containers" with tools required to install the wind turbines. We can also provide logistics on site, like WC’s, office container, kitchen container and recycling containers.
We have the skill to communicate and interact with the different team on the site (crane company, safety team, vigilance, owner supervision, etc).
Our technician are able to speak up to 4 languages in site (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese).


We perform the availability tests ahead of the final delivery of the wind farms investing in the equipment and software, including test run, to several types of corrective and preventive maintenance plans as well as quality assurance consulting such as visual inspections or security audits.

Operation and Maintenance | O&M

Our experiences team have each one its own vehicle function, equipped with recent and calibrated tools required to make any corrective or preventive maintenance as 6 months, 1 year, 4 years, 6 years.
At AGV Industry we work in partnership with our customers, both in fulfilling routine maintenance and repair programmes, including the provision of tools, and also in the implementation of strategies designed to meet the human challenge of operation and maintenance of the wind farms.


Our teams are equipped with complete hydraulic Kit’s Tolls, checked and calibrated to provide any serrage and desserage in all type of turbines, blades, mainshaft, rotor, nacelle, tower section, gear box, anchor cage, serrage manual of bolts of turbine and mechanical components and electrics.

Retrofittings / Major repairs

We have the right people available and proper tools ready. We have to be quick in organising the logistics, to mobilize resources as quickly as possible.
Our clients rely on us for the organisation and implementation of retrofitting, wherever it may be, providing the necessary tools.
We already have experience and starts at any moment to change:

  • Blades / Rotor Blades                                
  • GearBoxs    
  • Mainshafts              
  • Bearings                              
  • Generator    
  • Transformer
  • Power Cables          
  • Hydraulic systems   
  • Acumulateurs          
  • Mechanic and electrical systems    
… And to make upgrades as brake systems, lifts, etc.       


With deep experience, our team members have the background to accomplish the most demanding projects and have already achieved the ability to solve the most complex situations.
AT YOUR DISPOSITION WHERE YOU NEED, WHEN YOU NEED AND FOR THE EXACT TIME YOU REQUEST. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers and employees.
We believe, this is the way we can become a reference in the energy sector, we want to be known for credible, economically sustainable and innovative solutions through specialized services.

AGV Industry
Top professionals that get the job done, RIGHT. Our teams are trained and certified professionals with extensive background in electrical and mechanical engineering with an extensive experience and knowledegment in the wind sector. They are ready to work in severe weather conditions whether in any part of the globe.
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